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Listed below are several Frankie Goes To Hollywood tracks that have appeared on various Compilation albums over the years.

Relax (New York mix) - Fantastic 80s! extended

Relax (MCMXCIII) - The best dance album in the world...ever! part 4

Relax (come fighting) - Number one party anthems

Relax (move) - Start the best of british

Two Tribes (cowboys and indians) - A kick up the 80s

Two Tribes (edit 3:30) - Hits 94 volume one

Two Tribes (cowboys and indians) - Grand theaft auto vice city wave103

Two Tribes (Dorian Gray edit) - Dorian Gray History of magic 2

The power of love (exclusive Rob Searle club mix edit) - Club 2K volume:2

The power of love ('93 alternate mix) - 12"/80s love

The power of love (exclusive edit) - Christmas Hits 50 festive favourites

The power of love (imagine!) - The power of love

The power of love (imagine!) - Now thats what i call xmas

War (hide yourself) - Unconditionally guaranteed 2000

Welcome to the pleasuredome (exclusive edit) - Electric level 2